Every office worker knows the benefits and importance of buying a good office chair. These chairs let you do work in your office for long hours without getting back pain and unwanted stress.

A majority of office workers report suffering from back pain every year. However, this problem can be easily rectified by using good office chairs. But no matter how great your office chair might, be, it will need to be well maintained if you want to actually enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time.

Remove Dust And Debris Regularly

You should clean your office chair by using the wand attachment of a vacuum clean every few weeks. The wand attachments with smooth surface won’t harm your office chair, but would help in cleaning up any dust or debris stuck in the chair from everyday use. Always remember to use the wand on low suction setting to be safe.

Use Warm Water And Soap Whenever Needed

If the upholstery tag of your office chair allows, you can clean any spots on the office chair with the help of soap and warm water. No special soaps are needed in the cleaning process, just use your regular soap and it’ll work like a charm. To remove the stains, you can use a dish soap as well. This is the best way to clean your ergonomic office chair easily.

Casters Should Be Lubricated And Cleaned

All of the office chairs have casters to help you move around the office. So, you’ll need to clean and lubricate the casters of your office chair regularly to keep them rolling. While everyone else focuses on the super part of their chairs, casters are usually ignored. But they can limit your office mobility when not cleaned properly. So, keep the casters clean and rolling.

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