Buying a PC case usually depends on your personal requirements, and what type of PC you want to build. It might look like an easier option to choose a simple PC case, while every other person out there considers different factors like cooling performance, mounting support and so on.

You might think like there is nothing that you can go wrong with when buying a PC case, but thing about spending most of your savings on buying nice parts for your dream sports build, and ending up with a PC case too small to house all the components perfectly. So, here are some tips that you should follow when you’re looking to buy desktop cases.

Choose The Size Correctly

When you’re talking about desktop cases, size really does matter a lot. That is because motherboards come in different formats, and not every type of motherboard is compatible with every desktop case. You should be looking for a 305×244 mm for a full tower build. However, micro ATX or Mini ITX mother boards can even fit into smaller cases. So, first of all, know the type of motherboard you’re going to use, and buy a desktop case accordingly. Always remember the check the motherboard and see if it’ll fit in the desktop case or not.

Features of The Case

Price of a desktop case is usually directly attached to its features, like the quality of materials it’s made from, processes etc. While you decently can find some good cases under a budget, the best option is going for the high budget ones, that is if you have a budget high enough.

Depending on your needs, the desktop cases can range from a more $10 all the way up to $100 for the best in the business.

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