Plastic surgery is a great way of changing your appearance and making your body look the way you want. However, whenever you’re getting plastic surgery, you must make sure that you know what you’re getting. This is especially important when you’re about to get surgery done on your nose.

So, if you’re about to go through Rhinoplasty/ surgery to change the appearance of your nose, below mentioned are some questions that you should ask your surgeon before getting a rhinoplasty nose job in Winnipeg.

Ask If The Surgeon is Certified

Every plastic surgeon needs to have a proper board certification to be able to do any surgical procedure on your nose, or any inherent part of your body for that matter. While it might look like an embarrassing question to ask, you must not hesitate to ask this question from your surgeon before the treatment.

So, start by asking if your surgeon is certified, if yes, which board has provided them with certification. This is always a good starting point.

Ask For Before And After Pictures

Like everyone else, we are more interested in taking a look at before and after photos of the previous clients of our plastic surgeon than anything else. So, you can simply ask your plastic surgeon to show you some before and after photos of their past clients.

The reason why you should ask for these photos is that you will be able to see the potential results that you’ll get after going through the surgery. Ideally, you should ask for pictures that show the treatment of noses like yours.

Ask If You Can Get a Discount

Surgeries like Rhinoplasty can be expensive. So, you should ask your surgeon if they can provide special discounts on your specific surgical procedure. This is a good way of saving some money.

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