San Marcos is one of the best places to visit in Texas. It has the right combination of history, art and greenery to attract more tourists towards it every year. While there are lots of museums, art galleries, and restaurants to visit in their beautiful area, nature lovers also have a lots of things to enjoy here.

Since there are lots of things to see in their area, you might get easily overwhelmed by the options. That’s why we have compiled a brief list of the best places you can go to in San Marcos. You can visit for more information.

Calaboose African American Museum

This museum is located in a building which was initially planned to be used as a prison. This museum contains lots of things like photos, letters and other things to provide you with a glimpse of the early days of the African American community in Texas. Some memorable things related to Eddie Durham (a popular jazz musician) are also featured in this museum.

Monday to Friday weekdays are used for tours, and the museum is open for public on Saturday.

Hill Country Flyfishers

This company was originally founded to help everyone in fly-fishing regardless of their skill level. You can do a guided tour in there, and choose stuff to do according to your interests.

You’ll be provided with all the needed fishing gear, and also with good and drinks, as everything is included in the price of the trip. So, we suggest visiting them with your family for a fun time.

Wonder World Park

This is a unique theme park that almost all the tourists visiting the area enjoy. This theme park is also the only one with an accessible earthquake cave in America. You can get a guided tour of the cave with your family.

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