USB flash drives make it very easy to copy data from one computer to the other, and are helpful whenever you’re looking to make a backup of your important files. These are easily portable devices, and only require that you plug them into a computer’s USB port to access the files stored in them.

Having a bootable USB drive with you can be even more beneficial as it helps you keep on working anywhere you want, and you can also use these bootable drives to troubleshoot other computers.

You can use a Rufus download for PC, and can easily make a bootable USB drive for business use. Here are the business uses of USB drives.

You Can Use Them to Troubleshoot

You can make a bootable USB flash drive and fill it with loads of computer diagnostic apps. This way, you’ll save a lot of important data whenever you’re looking to solve a problem with someone’s computer, or your computer for that matter.

You Can Use It to Test a New Computer

Whenever you’re looking to test a new computer, you can simply plug in a bootable USB containing all the essential testing tools into that computer and begin the testing process. This will help you see if applications on the USB will run smoothly on the computer before you install them on the pc itself.

You Can Boot Into Someone Else’s Computer

If you’re looking start working somewhere but you don’t have access to your own computer, you can use a bootable USB to boot into a friend’s computer. This will allow you to access all the saved files and bookmarks on the browser. You won’t have to save a copy of your files on another person’s computer, which eliminates any privacy concerns.

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