Have you ever felt like there is a specific part of your home that you felt was more important to you than any other? For many people, this honorific title belongs to their deck due to the reason that this is where they can go when they are tired after a long, hard day at work for the purposes of enjoying a bit of fresh air at this current point in time. Since your deck is so important for you, chances are that you would want to think of ways to improve it without a shadow of a doubt.

Cleaning it is undoubtedly going to be relatively high up on your current list of priorities, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you would be considering giving your deck a power wash. However, suffice it to say that power washing is a pretty pernicious and challenging pursuit, and only the most dogged among you would have any hope of wrapping your heads around it before it’s too late. The thing about pressure washing a deck is that there are a lot of mistakes and slipups that can lead to it ruining your deck.

Much of this damage occurs because people hold the pressure washer too close to the surface. If you keep it more than six inches away from the surface, everything should be right as rain. Another thing that we would recommend you do is to use the widest spray setting. This lets you use higher levels of pressure, but since this pressure is being distributed among a wider area it would hit your deck less severely and avoid damaging it.

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