There are many reasons that compel a family to get a tree removed from their lawns or backyards but there are not many ways in which this process can be done. Tree removal is a complex job which should be carried only by a professional in a manner that does not render any danger to the property or the individual. To help people who are looking forward to get a tree removed, here are a few ways which are specific to certain criterias in order to get a cut a tree in the safest manner possible.

Felling The Tree

This is one of the most simplest way to getting a tree removed. The cutter first observes the height of the trunk and whether there is enough space in the surrounding for the tree to make a safe fall. If the space is ample, the cutter decides on the notch and its position and ties a rope on the top of it. On the other hand, if there isn’t space for the tree to fall safely, the tree is removed in sections. Before making the notch, the symmetry of the tree is also observed to determine the weight distribution along with the condition of the trunk i.e. whether the trunk is rotting or not.

Cutting The Tree in Sections

This is the most common method employed when there isn’t enough space for the tree to fall over safely as it surrounded by landscape structures such as power lines. In this case, careful measurement and correct use of technique is required by a skilled cutter like they do in tree removal North York to prevent any mishap. The process begins with the skilled climber removing all limbs until the trunk is left, which is cut in different lengths and descended with extreme caution.

Removing a Tree With The Help of a Crane

While the previous methods were simple and common respectively, this is the ultimate solution which renders convenience and safety. The crane picks the the section of the tree that has been previously marked and cut down by the cutter and then places it at the landing zone.

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