Everyone dreams from time to time, in the literal sense of course. Some days we have the most incredible dreams, other times we have meaningless dreams that can never be true. Some people even get nightmares, however, there is another category of dreams, these are symbolic dreams. You might see something in your dream that symbolizes something important that is about to happen in your life. There are so many things that are used as symbols, however, one of the most popular things that people see are cats.

Cats are precious creatures and most of the time people love keeping cats as pet, but when you see one in your dream it could mean something completely different altogether. If it is the first time you have ever seen a cat in your dream, then you are probably having trouble in understanding the meaning behind it. Well ‘soñar con un gato‘ or dreams about cats are clearly explained for beginners in this article.

There is no one meaning if you see a cat, it could mean anything depending on the type of dream you had and based on what the cat was doing in that dream. It could be something positive, but at the same time if you see an aggressive reaction from the cat, then that means something negative.

There are multiple interpretations for that, the most commonly found ones include feeling threatened by something in your life if you see a cat scratching you. If you see yourself saving a cat from danger, then that is interpreted as you gaining your independence and feeling empowered. If you see yourself cuddling with a cat then that means you can get along with your enemies.

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