Composting worms are basically red worms that are used in soil so that the soil can remain healthy and fertilized. You can use a composting bin in order to complete this process. It is very easy to create one at home if you have all the things that are needed. There are many things that you need to know about composting worms before you do so, so if you are interested in learning about it, then you do not need to look anywhere else. In this article you will find a complete collection of all the information that you are looking for on composting worms.

The red worms which are used in the process of composting can eat any organic material that you place in the composting bin. However, it is recommended that you use materials that are easy to break down such as peels of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are the preferred option, but if you must go for fruits, then it is best to avoid using citrus fruits as they can attract a lot of fruit flies which will be troublesome for you. In addition to this, onions can also attract pests due to the strong odor they give so avoid using onions if you can. You can check this out on different tutorials available online.

You can use other foods as well but try to avoid using cooked foods and even raw meat as it has a much more complex system than either fruits or vegetables and can take a long time to break down. However, when you see fruits and vegetables, they can be broken down in no time and you can see immediate results which is a major plus.

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