If you are in the market for a condo aka condominium, you must know that it is not similar to buying a small single house. There are different things that are to be considered before purchasing a condo. Depending on where you live and which state you wish to buy a condo in, the prices may end up as low as half of what a single family house would cost.

Apart from the cost, a condo is vastly different in terms of property rights as each condo owner only has ownerships of his single unit as the rest of the property is considered a shared common space. Other than that, condos have common recreational facilities such as swimming pools, courts and playgrounds which are to be used by all condo residents in the complex. Abeja District Condo is one such property that offers a lot of facilities to individual owners that wish to purchase their very first condo.

Since condos are basically a small part of a larger community, you need to know that each condo complex is different from the other. The rules and regulations, rights and association fees would be different too. So you need to make sure to check out few different options that are available in the area/state where you wish to purchase your first condo and then compare the pros and cons.

Another difference between a family house and a condo is the proximity or the actual living space. As opposed to an independent house that has its own front porch, a backyard and perhaps a lawn too, a condo is simply a small living space in which you may have your next door neighbor living a door knock away from your wall.

These are the things you need to think about before deciding on purchasing a condo as your residential property.

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