It’s quite easy to understand how pressure washing works based on the various videos that you might have witness which display the level of prowess that it often involves. However, there is a pretty good chance that you wouldn’t always want to use ridiculous amounts of pressure. For example, if you are washing your car, trying to use a pressure setting that is far too high might scratch up the paintwork and suffice it to say that this is not something that you can repair without drastically reducing the overall value of your car.

That is why you need to try out the soft wash settings while pressure washing as well, although the truth of the situation is that your technique would need to change based on this softer pressure too. This is because of the fact that you can’t rely on the high pressure jets to clean up dirt, but you can amp up its cleaning potential by first covering your intended pressure washing surface with a degreasing element that would help break down lipid particles and allow the softer jets to wash them away without you having to dial the pressure back up time and time again.

You can also use various cleaning chemicals while soft washing, and the fact of the matter is that this can sometimes be difficult with regular pressure washing since the jets can send a lot of splashes of chemicals into your surrounding area. The key to soft washing your house is to use substances that can allow this process to become more effective because you need to supplement the low pressure with the cleaning elements we have discussed.

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