when applying paint or sealant to a wooden deck one needs to pressure wash it properly, even if it is a new deck you still need some sort of washing before you can stain it, a deck needs to be completely dirt and mold if you want to stain it perfectly, but for an old deck it surely needs a pressure wash before you start staining it, a wooden deck needs care and if you want to revive it and make it look as good as new then you need to power wash it and then stain it, you should repeat this process once a year or once every two years.

Pressure washing and deck staining are relatively straightforward and seemingly easier tasks and that is why everyone with a basic set of equipment tries to do it on their own but once they do it incorrectly they realize that there is a lot of details that needs to be taken care of if you want everything to go smoothly.

There are things that you are important during a power wash, things like the angle that you need to maintain when doing a power wash and the right psi selection as well, then you have to think about what needs to be done after a pressure washing session as many commit the mistake of staining the deck just hours after washing it, you should allow enough time for it to dry, if it is a cedar wood fence then you should wait for at least 48 hours before you stain it or apply any sort of sealant, Power washing Lewisville service providers who gave an overview of what I should do have saved me from ruining my deck, you should consult the experts in your area as well.

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