Business cards have been existing as a means of marketing for a long time now and has still retained its importance in the era of other, more potential marketing tools. One reason why business cards have been working their way through the survival of the fittest is by virtue of several modern approaches that continues to provide them a new life.

QR Codes

There was a time when QR codes or bar codes were only seen on the stuff we’d buy at supermarkets. That was the era when nobody would have thought the code would be seen on a business card one day, while today it is an innovation so common that it has summed up the work needed to be on a business card.

The primary reason for introducing QR codes to business cards is to simplify the overall layout and to minimize the use of additional information which acts as a potential benefit because it helps the brand to provide as much information as they want without overdoing the space available on the card.

Lenticular Printing

This is one innovation that has helped the business card to be glanced at more than a single time. The concept involves the use of illusion in a way that the image on the card dissolves into another one when it is tilted. Lenticular imagery helps build a rather stronger first image as the recipient of the card is then more likely to remember the brand and would be intrigued to approach them.

Gadget Cards

This is a rather expensive approach but it is an excellent way to convey the business details in full length. For brands that desire to show their client all of their achievements, perhaps in the form of a multimedia file, Metal Kards that consists of a USB is the ultimate way to do so.

Pop-Up Technique

Designing a popup card is an excellent way to depict the central idea of the brand. For instance, an artist can design a card that pops up to be an easel with their details printed intricately on it. These ideas take help from creativity rather than just words to sum up what the business is actually about.

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