We all saw that gruesome set of decayed teeth when Lindsay Lohan at a famous premiere, and this unsightly appearance shocked all the fans that were addicted to her pearly white teeth and vibrant smile. Those dirty and discolored chops don’t just reveal about her potential lack of oral hygiene, but they also show her recent inclinations towards excessive consumption of tea, alcohol, coffee, or the likes of it. What may seem like an appropriate time to make a comeback into Hollywood, after going through rehab sessions, might just hamper her prospect of finding her original spot as an appealing and attractive girl next door figure.

When she made her presence at the red carpet event in Los Angeles, many dental experts came up with their own set of possible explanations – as her spokesperson seemed hesitant to give any response regarding her dental care and cleanliness habits. The fact that she is still in her 20’s has shocked many of her well-wishers, as it might be an indicator that she might not be welcomed into the industry the same way like she used to back in the days. The abysmal state of her teeth harkened back to her former days when she was still suffering from drug and alcohol overdose. You can find out more interesting information about Lindsay Lohan’s teeth on the website of EOnline now.

As she smiled broadly in the proceeding events, it is hard not to notice the same consistency of her brown and chipped chops that seem to be in a dire need of serious dental care. This recent dental disaster makes it clear for us that her teeth have seen better days, and she should go through dental examination before it is too late, so that we can see that sparkling smile once again.

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