Everyone knows about the personal injury law, but after getting injured, no one knows how to take the very next step. That is why is you have a strong claim, you should hire a good personal injury lawyer to represent you in the court.

Initial consultation is your first meeting that you hold with your lawyer to kick start your personal injury claim. This consultation is aimed at providing you an outlook of the attorney’s career. You can then see if you want to hire him or not.

Most of the Miami personal injury attorney do not charge anything for an initial consultation. Here are some tips on making an initial consultation with your personal injury lawyer.

Is It Actually Free?

Many lawyers advertise it on their website that they provide free of cost initial consultation.

However, if the free consultation is not listed/ mentioned in their website, you can call them to confirm before setting a meeting with them.

Some state bars even put a limit on the amount of money a personal injury atto4nwy can charge for an initial consultation.

What is Done in an Initial Consultation

Since the claim has not started yet and you have not hired the attorney, these consultations are limited in time. However, the atto4ney will answer any questions that you might have about your case or about the attorney.

  • It is seen in an initial consultation whether you have a valid claim or not. All of the legal possibilities are discussed in this meeting.
  • You can also see in an initial consultation of you even need a lawyer or not. If the answer is no, you can handle your vase on your own as well. That is how a session with a personal injury attorney can prove helpful for you.
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