Those who head out for different adventures and love going out on camping and stuff know that these trips are really unpredictable and there are so many factors that can turn the exciting outing trip into a nightmare and one has to prepared for that, and preparation means a lot of things and one has to be mindful of that, if you are heading out on an adventure there is always a list of essentials that you must carry and these are things that could save your life in so many different unwelcoming situations. There are different things which are talked about when it comes to having proper survival gears and essentials and everybody knows about it and these are helpful in keeping us alive, a survival poncho is an essential if we head out on camping regularly and the weather is rainy. Even if the weather isn’t rainy most days you should buy and keep a good quality survival poncho in your camping bag.

When you are looking for a survival poncho make sure that you are buying something that is lightweight and does not weigh heavy on your backpack, we are mostly tempted towards leaving out the heavy stuff when going out on a camping or a hiking trip, if your poncho falls into that category and you leave that out and it rains abruptly things can get really worse for you.

Ensure that a poncho has a waterproof neckline which stops any seepage and keeps you dry, if you don’t find a good quality poncho wouldn’t be able to stay dry and mostly it is the neckline where most of these substandard ponchos allow water in, a nano-coated poncho is the best option when looking for waterproof, lightweight survival poncho.

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