Building your house according to the vastu shastra is one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make. It lets the positive energy and happiness flow freely in your house, and you can enjoy a better lifestyle by building your house in a specific way.

Vastu suggests a certain direction for every room that you must follow for the best flow of energy in your house. However, people ask lots of questions about vastu, and how it can help them get a better lifestyle. Here are some of the most popular questions that people ask about vastu. And their answers.

How Should I Design My Bedroom?

Designing your bedroom in a certain way according to the principles of vastu can help you get lots of physical and mental benefits. Vastu suggests that you should head south for the benefits while sleeping. You can put your head in the east as well, but avoid the north direction while sleeping.

Sleeping in the right direction will help you avoid health issues in the long run.

How Can You Use Vastu in Your Kitchen?

Since the south-east direction is dedicated for the fire element, you should make your kitchen in that direction. The cook top should face the east direction, and you should place the gas hob in the south-east direction. The kitchen slab you use can be of any lighter shade and color. You should not use any dark color for the kitchen slab.

The vastu architecture design has a dedicated place for every single element and appliance in the kitchen. You should check the full kitchen guidelines for a guide on every nook and corner of the kitchen. You can also check south facing house vastu = 18, 2nd page for more information.

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