While chainsaws are very useful tools, they can also prove to be dangerous if you use them improperly. Every year, lots of people get injured just because they used their chainsaw in the wrong way. Therefore, whether you are a homeowner or a professional who needs to use a chainsaw on a regular basis, you must follow a few basic safety tips to keep yourself and your surroundings safe when using a chainsaw.

So, let’s go through a few of the most important safety tips you should consider when using a chainsaw.

Use a Blade Guard

You should take proper care of your chainsaw if you want to keep it working in the long run. So, when the chainsaw is not under use, you should cover its blade with proper insulation, and use a few rubber bands to keep the insulation in place.

This is a great way to keep the blade of your chainsaw safe, and store the tool properly.

Sharpen at The Right Time

When the chain of your chainsaw is Sharp, it can easily cut through any material without requiring you to apply additional force. On the other hand, adult chains will require additional force to be applied, and won’t be able to cut through the material smoothly.

So, whenever you notice that your chain is giving too much dust instead of chips, you should grab a round file and sharpen your chain at the right time to avoid any damage to the rod. You can learn more about sharpening your chainsaw at ChainsawGuru.

Avoid Injuries

Improperly using your chainsaw can cause injuries to your left arm and thigh. However, you can easily avoid these injuries by following a few simple chainsaw safety steps.

First of all, keep the front handle of your chainsaw tightly gripped with the thumb of your left hand when using it.

Secondly, whenever you have to move to a new place no matter how far it is, remove your right hand and hang the saw to your side with your left hand.

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