Let’s go through some of the most commonly used steps by professional carpet cleaners in their carpet cleaning jobs. With the help of this knowledge, you will be able to get a proper carpet cleaning job from any rug cleaning service you hire.

Before Inspection

Before you can sign a contract with any cleaner, they will send an expert to your house. The expert will manually check your carpets and see if they have any stubborn stains and dirt buildup which will take a long time to recover.

After inspecting your house and carpets, the expert will provide you with an accurate estimate. This estimate will include the overall cost, or a close estimation of how much the cleaner will charge you for a proper carpet cleaning job.

Using Commercial Vacuums

Once you sign the contract with a cleaning service provider, they will send their commercial vacuum cleaners to rescue your carpets from dry dust. Removing the dry dust with the help of strong commercial vacuums is one of the most important parts of any carpet cleaning job. If this step is excluded, the water bill makes the dust buildup at the bottom of your carpets even worse.

Relocating Furniture

Usually, the fees charged by A carpet cleaner includes relocating regular furniture items like chairs and sofas. These furniture items are relocated, or removed from their initial position to expose the carpet underneath them. This is the key to ensuring that every nook and cranny of your carpets is properly cleaned by the professionals.

The Cleaning Process

The main cleaning process includes using a moderate amount of water to wet your carpets, and then spraying them with the right cleaning chemicals to get rid of all the dust and pests in your carpets. after that, hot water extraction is used to breakdown any large particles in the carpets and remove them perfectly.

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