The question of much a patent lawyer costs is asked by a lit of people, and to be honest, there is not one specific answer to this question. Depending on various factors like experience, success rate and reputation, the pay rate of your patent lawyer and rage from $100 all the way up to $500 and even more in some cases.

Writing The Application By Yourself

Many people who have lots of experience in industry are often able to write their patent applications all by themselves. The total cost of getting a patent issued in your name might cost an average of $900 in the case of United States, the expenses might differ for other countries.

Hiring a Lawyer To Submit The Application

This is the second option chosen by the professionals who don’t want to mess up their patent application. They hire qualified patent lawyers with a proven track record of getting patent application approved, and use their services to make sure everything goes well.

You layer is supposed to do all the extensive research and help you with the patent application. Although this option is very expensive as compared to the first one, and costs anywhere between $4000 to $10000, the chances of your patent application getting approved this way increase drastically. You can hire IP lawyers from reputable firms like Incubate IP to make sure the process goes well.

Other Fees

The fees mentioned above is charged by the lawyer, there are other fees too that are imposed by the authority tasked with processing your application and issuing the patent.

  • The application processing fees starts from $70 as the lowest point, and goes up sharply depending on the type of patent you’re looking to file.
  • Other fees like patent issuing fee and maintenance fees are also charged.
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