When it comes to working in the kitchen, a knife is your best friend. Good knives don’t only lead to cleaner cuts, they can also help you save time. A lot of times people are using dull and even the wrong kind of knives in their cooking, and this just adds extra time during their prep work. If you are looking to add good knives to your kitchen drawers, you need to be able to identify what different knives are used for. Knives that are made of Serbian Steel or are Japanese or German made are more popular especially amongst chefs and serious cooks.

  • A chef’s knife is an incredibly versatile knife that can be used to chop meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and to remove meat from most joints. These knives are usually 7-8 inches and are very sharp.
  • De-boning knives are used to separate meat from the bone and can also be used to remove the skin from the flesh as well.
  • A butcher’s knife is used for cutting through different cuts of meat and can usually be found at the butcher’s and other meat handlers.
  • Carving knives can be used to cut through meat like roasted turkey/chicken, and they can also be used to cut bread.
  • Bread knives or serrated knives are usually used to cut through loaves of bread.
  • Slicing knives can range from 8-12 inches and can be used to cut through fruits and vegetables with ease.

These are the basic types of knives that you will find being used in the kitchen, and knowing the different types will help you be able to choose which ones you need according to your cooking needs because you do not need to necessarily own all of these knives. Choosing a few good knives can help you optimize and improve your cooking game.

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