Kittens are adorable and when you see them without their mothers it is really hard to leave them be. Usually when lactating mother are unavailable people tend to adopt the kittens and feed them kitten milk replacers which are commonly referred to as kitty glop.

It is important that the cat mothers provide nutrition to their baby kittens for an entire month after they are born, however, in case the mother leaves or dies in some sort of accident then it is important to provide them with the necessary nutrition.

The best kitten milk replacer is the one that you can make at home, however, if you fail to make one then there is always the option of buying one from a pet store. But when feeding the kittens extra care should be taken as they are quite fragile. In order to feed them you need to purchase feeding bottles with small nipples that are suitable for feeding the kittens. These too can be very easily found in pet stores.

If the kitten is not very fond of the bottles then you can always use syringes, without a needle of course. You can find feeding syringes at your local pharmacy without any hassle. The syringes are much better than the bottles as they give just the right amount of milk to the kittens and are also much easier to handle.

Make sure to warm up the milk before you feed the kitten, but it should not be micro waved. You can always put the bottle or the syringe in hot water and once you are sure that the milk is warm enough do a little drop test on your hand and if the temperature is right then feed the kittens.

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