Tennis shoes are almost as old as the sport itself. And they’re specially designed to provide support to the physically active players playing in the courts. These shoes have also evolved with the game of tennis through the years, and are now being made with the help of the best technology that helps the players on the field.

We are living is an age where everyone can know about and buy everything, even the things made for professional players are available for sale to the general public. But the real art is it understanding the basic difference between all the tennis shoes made for the same purpose.

Are There Any Specific Types of Tennis Shoes?

Yes, there are 3 main types that the tennis shoes are divided in. Those types are.

  • Lightweight shoes
  • Durability shoes
  • Value shoes

Durability shoes are a but heavier shoes with thicker and tough soles. Some of the best manufacturers will even give you a 6 month warranty for the durability shoe’s sole. Meaning that the manufacturer will replace the shoe for you if it’s sole wears down within the first 6 months.

On the other hand, lightweight shoes are more like running shoes. They have a light sole, and lack the support and durability like that of a durability shoe. The players who love to move quickly across the court prefer lightweight shoes.

A value shoe really depends on the buyer. It can be a durable shoe, a lightweight shoe, or even a regular sneaker. All depends on the preference of the player/ buyer. You can also visit to find the best tennis shoes.

Why We Can’t Just Wear Regular Shoes

We can’t wear the regular running shoes because they are designed to go in the straight direction. We make a lot of lateral movement while playing tennis. So, you might face serious ankle or other injuries if you use improper shoes in the tennis court.

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