While getting prepackaged meat from your local grocery mart is one of the most convenient things possible, it isn’t the same as going to the butcher’s shop and actually going through different cuts before finding the perfect one. So if you are a food enthusiast then you would know what a difference having the right cut can make. When it comes to selection of cut there is a lot of variety available in beef and pork so always select your steak cut wisely and know the difference between each one. However, one of the most challenging ones is to know the difference between porterhouse and t bone as they are quite similar in structure but if you know which area of the body they’re coming from you will be able to be more apt in your selection. With that said, here are a couple of expert tips and tricks you need to keep in mind while selecting a steak cut, check them out below.

Knowing Your Cuts And Differences

We have talked about this again and again so you might have some idea as to how important this step really is. Essentially, you need to select a cut that would work well for you. In case you are unaware of most of them, you should talk to a chef or use the resourceful articles on the internet.

Know Your Own Preferences

Before you start cooking or making a steak, it is important that you know your own dislikes and likes as it will help you in selecting the cuts according to your preferences as well. So you could very well do a taste test with different kinds of cuts and fat content to know which works for you the best.

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