When we focus on the activity of canoes, we consider it as something all age groups can enjoy. In the past canoes were a necessity in areas with a large body of water, as a transportation need, to get from one place to another, but in this era the activity is used for entertainment purposes or exercise. There are many different types of canoes, but most people, especially the beginners do not understand these differences, click on this link to know more about canoes: plattevalley.newschannelnebraska.com/story/40851109/best-inflatable-canoe-buyers-guide-for-2019.

The different types of canoes that you find are the following:

  • Recreational Canoes

Recreational Canoes are the most common types of canoes and are found almost everywhere as they are considered to be extremely stable and very durable. They do not have any frills and are mostly made of either aluminum or plastic, these materials in themselves give the canoe more stability. As they are the most common types, they can be found in sports stores or near the local lake of your area.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Canoes

These canoes, in accordance to their names are an upgrade to the normal recreational canoe. They are used by people who are more experienced. They are costlier built this is only because of the unique way that they are made and also because of their quality.

  • Racing Canoe

Since 1924, Canoe racing has been an official sport in the world Olympics. Racing Canoes are the most advanced type and they are not very common. They are made of lighter materials, for example fiber glass, so they can travel fast on water.

  • Solo Canoes

These types of canoes are designed for only one person to fit in and use. They are mostly made shorter in comparison to the other designs and are also narrower in shape. Tandem Canoes, on the other hand are made for two people to use.

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