Most of the cleaning that you would do in and around the house will use some kind of moisture, but there is a pretty good chance that you would be using a variety of dry methods as well. These dry methods include vacuuming your carpets, and we would like you to know that this actually the most basic dry carpet cleaning method out there. Vacuuming is not professional cleaning, rather it is a part of basic upkeep for your rug and you need to take things up a notch if you want to give it a deeper clean to revive its appearance.

This is where chem dry carpet cleaning comes into play, and you can get a machine that uses this method from any carpet cleaner rental business that is close to where you reside. The truth of the situation is that dry carpet cleaning that uses chemicals might sound like it has a bit of moisture because we often associate chemicals with fluids. However, the chemicals used in this process are absolutely dry and they come in the form of moisture free powders.

This is because of the fact that wet chemicals need to be washed out, and that defeats the purpose of dry cleaning. The dry chemical powders are dusted onto the rug, pressed in with some brushes that are being moved around by rotary motors, and then vacuumed back up. A lot of the dirt that was on the surface of your rug will cling the powdery substance, thereby making it a whole lot easier to rid your carpet. If you are skeptical, just give this method a try to see how amazing it is.

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