Carpet cleaning is something that can be done through a wide variety of means, and it is important to parse your numerous options since this is only way to make an educated enough decision at this current point in time. A common question that we get asked is why some service providers say that they are offer carpet cleaning whereas others might say that they offer steam cleaning. The unfortunate reality is that we can’t really give you a simple or concise answer to this question, so let’s dive a bit deeper so we can uncover the truth of the matter at hand.

If you want to get carpet cleaning near me, most service providers would offer the steam cleaning option, but there will still be those that would stubbornly refuse to move away from the basic carpet cleaning label without a shadow of a doubt. You should know that these two things are often one and the same, though there is a chance that a company that calls it carpet cleaning instead of steam cleaning might be using chemical based dry methods or a dry foam approach.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, if you want the best results you should only go for service providers who used steam extraction methods as their go to technique. Dry carpet cleaning is better suited to commercial enterprises who can’t afford to waste a day while their carpet dries. This method does not require drying, but it also doesn’t clean as deeply as hot water methods do, so you would be better off going for that if you care about good results.

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