There are a lot of reasons behind why you might want to take testosterone on a regular basis. For one thing you would need to look into the various ways in which this can help you transition from female to male. You might also want it so that you can take part in a slightly better gym workout. Furthermore, people that suffer from issues concerning sexual arousal are also quite prone to taking testosterone, or they at the very least consider it to be the solution to their problems.

According to, it’s definitely true that testosterone has the potential to make all of these problems go away for you, and it is natural that you might want to take it. However, with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that you should do one really important thing before you actually start taking testosterone, and this is to consult a doctor.

You see, when you are taking a hormone it is going to end up changing your body quite a bit, so much so that you might just not like what is happening to you. Not to mention the fact that this can even make things even worse for you because of the fact that your body might not respond to the testosterone very well, so much so that you would need to stop taking it immediately. Consulting a doctor beforehand can make such issues less likely to occur, so it is highly recommended that you do something like this. Remember that such decisions are very big, and they can be extremely tough to change if you make them hastily without consulting the proper professionals.

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