As far as city’s with a great life in the United States go, Nashville is definitely up there somewhere on the top. Whether it is the top of your list can differ from person to person but everyone agrees that as a city it is a great place to be and a great place to live simply because of all the different things that it promises you. Even just going through the different nicknames of the city you get an idea of how great it is. From being called the Music City to CashVille to even NashVegas, you get the idea of all that it offers and the variety of attractions it probably has. The only major downside might be that the humidity and heat might be too much for some people but you can also just get Music City’s best heat repair on the job and get that problem fixed for yourself.

Now on the matter of actually living there, the local economy of the city is great. You have a huge variety of large industries there with the top three being music, technology, and the health sector. In fact they say that in a large group of people about one third of them will belong to one of these industries. The annuals pays for them all are also quite impressive as this city has a great quality of life on average for its citizens. But aside from just that this city also has a great rank for its public schooling system and high percentages of people graduate and go to college every year. So not only are the residents smart and highly educated, it is also a great place to raise your kids and make sure they succeed later on in life education wise.

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