There are a lot of debates associated with gaming that often tend to get quite heated. If you were to visit any major gamer community on the internet you would see that they are particularly passionate about one thing: the kind of console that they choose to play their favorite games on. There are three main options available for standard games, and these options are PlayStation, Xbox and PC. There are other options as well but for the most part these three are the ones you would pay attention to when you are going somewhere for gaming purposes.

While arguments can be made for other consoles, any true gamer would have to admit that you can’t get any better than a PC for solo gaming or online multiplayer. For one thing you would get far superior graphics. It’s true, compare the graphics you would get with a top of the line PC with any other console out there and you would see that the visuals are far better. Indeed, the graphics are so good that the game you’re playing might just start looking real, something that would really improve the enjoyment you are going to obtain from gaming.

PC also has an edge in terms of controls. While console gaming is perfectly fine, the controls you would get with a top of the line PC would be far better. You just have so many more buttons to play around with, and they are laid out in a format that your fingers are already highly familiar with so much so that you would be amazed at the impact something like this can have on your experiences. Read more about these things on Banatgamesstyle and become a top gamer.

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